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2005-11-30 / Front Page

Mayer Bros. bids farewell to water mill


Mayer Bros. shut down production and moved out of the Williamsville Water Mill late this past week.

Garrett Mayer, fifth generation owner of Mayer Bros., leased the building at 56 E. Spring St. through the end of December.

Mayor Mary Lowther said Mayer paid in advance, so the village did not lose any money.

“That’s the way the cider season goes,” Mayer said. He said the cider season allows him to stay open for a certain period of time each year.

“We didn’t have enough traffic flow to justify staying open,” he said.

The cider mill store at 1540 Seneca Creek Road in West Seneca will remain open until Christmas.

Lowther said Mayer has not been in touch with the village.

“I am disappointed they couldn’t stay open,” Lowther said.

Lowther said she had hoped Mayer Bros. could have continued their lease for a longer period.

“It’s not that I am leaving,” Mayer said. “I can’t afford to be open.”

Lowther said that after the mill has been closed for a period of time it would take any retail operation a while to get up and running and to rebuild a client base.

“They would have been the pioneers of the redevelopment of the mill complex and be in on the ground floor of the area’s renewal,” she said.

Mayer looked back fondly at his short stay at the mill.

“I had hoped that the traffic would have been more brisk, but it was still a good experience for us,” Mayer said. “People were thrilled to have us there, and everyone was very welcoming.”

He said did not have any plans as to whether or not he would go back to the mill site.

“We are talking to others who are interested, and I am hopeful that we will have another business in there soon,” Lowther concluded.

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