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2005-11-30 / Police Blotter

Student gets put in time out for damaging teacher’s car

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Amherst Police

Friday, Nov. 18

• A person on Sunmist Road reported a construction worker on a neighbor's roof was playing music too loudly.

 A resident on Chassin Avenue reported a person walking into the house who said they worked for a fuel company. The person didn't have a uniform on and left the building.

 A resident on Allenhurst Road reported hearing people fighting next door.

 A resident on Little Robin Road reported youths were throwing things at the front door and were trying to get in. The youths were having a snowball fight.

Saturday, Nov. 19

 A person was arrested for drunk driving on Eggert Road.

 A resident on San Rafael reported seeing youths trying to set trees on fire.

 Police arrested a person on Millersport Highway for marijuana possession.

 A person on Sundridge Road reported their neighbor keeps taking their parking spot.

Sunday, Nov. 20

 A person on Youngs Road reported youths hiding behind a hill and throwing things at oncoming traffic.

 A person on Cascade Drive reported a person passed out in their back yard.

 A person on West Campus Drive reported a tow truck driver tried to run them over.

 A person on Richfield Road reported seeing teenagers in a car changing seats and seeing lighters going on and off in the car.

Monday, Nov. 21

 An ATM machine was pried open on Sheridan Drive. The suspected person was caught on camera.

 A person on Carriage Hill reported a bullet hole in door. Police said the hole was not from a bullet.

 A person on Greencastle Lane reported their car has been egged for the third time this month.

 A car was keyed on East Campus Road.

Tuesday, Nov. 22

 A person was arrested on Dodge Road for drunk driving.

 A person reported “irate” people banging on doors along Transit Road.

 A business on Niagara Falls Boulevard reported a rock was thrown through the building's window.

 A person on Longmeadow Road reported receiving threatening calls.

Wednesday, Nov. 23

 A person on Main Street reported being beat up by a man who is now banging on the door. The man was drunk.

 A person on Maple Road reported a bottle was thrown at their vehicle.

 A student at a school on Main Street was put into time out for damaging a teacher's car.

 A resident on Windermere reported arguing with their roommate. The roommate tried to spray insecticide on their food.

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