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2008-01-23 / Police Blotter

Police called to settle bedtime dispute

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, Jan. 11

• A Hedge Court resident complained that a neighbor was being noisy, awakening the complainant. People were reportedly talking loud, had music playing and the bass was making the floors shake.

• A "couple was socially interacting in the back seat" of a vehicle on Bucyrus Drive. They were advised.

• A hit and run was reported on North Bailey Avenue. The car reportedly hit the front patio of a restaurant.

• Two to three teens took wine or beer from a garage on Bauman Road.

Saturday, Jan. 12

• A Livingston Parkway residence had a window damaged by a rock.

• A Walton Drive resident reported finding a handgun in the rafters of her basement. She thought it belonged to the previous owners, who moved out nine years ago. The gun is actually a toy and was disposed of by the complainant.

Sunday, Jan. 13

• A woman called police when her sink fell off the wall and water started shooting out a pipe and she was unable to shut the water off. She was assisted by a relative.

• On Buckeye Road, a resident reported that a neighbor's cat uses the complainant's porch as a litter box.

• Police were called to a Travers Boulevard residence for an unwelcome guest complaint. The boyfriend reportedly didn't want to turn off the TV, and the girlfriend wanted to go to bed. A cab responded to transport the man to Buffalo.

Monday, Jan. 14

• A West Maplemere Road resident reported that someone rang the doorbell and left some kind of object with wires on the porch. Police reported that the object had blown from the roof.

• A hawk flew through a double pane window on Brauncroft Drive and was bleeding inside the house. The bird was dead when police arrived.

Tuesday, Jan. 15

• A truck containing diesel fuel was on fire on Almeda Avenue. Eggertsville Fire Company responded.

• A woman was reportedly running around the halls and screaming in the main office of a middle school on Maple Road. She was upset that her daughter was involved in a fight.

• A Manor Oak Road resident reported that a squirrel was in the house.

• A group of youths was hiding behind a Dumpster on Niagara Falls Boulevard, throwing snowballs at a fast food restaurant.

• Police responded to a hotel on Transit Road for a man who had wet pants, smelled and appeared intoxicated. The man was reportedly bothering other guests. He was transported to another Transit Road hotel.

Wednesday, Jan. 16 • Police were called about a boy who was refusing to go to school. He was advised and agreed to go to school.

• A suspicious person was reported on Harlem Road. A man on a bicycle was reportedly going through recycling bins on Harwood.

• A 911 hang-up call came in from a Glenhaven Road address. Upon call back, a mother said she was teaching her child how to call 911.

Thursday, Jan. 17

• A Brantwood Road man was locked in the bathroom and had his daughter call 911 for him. Police were able to assist the man.

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