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2008-01-23 / Editorial

Don't gamble in this year's presidential election

Bee Editorial

Did you know Barack Obama wants to increase the minimum wage as a response to the economy concerns? Or that Mike Huckabee wants to address the energy issue by letting the free market sort out what type of fuel makes sense to develop?

Did you also know that Hillary Rodham Clinton wants a strategic energy fund, to invest billions of dollars in research and development and efficiency? Or that John McCain has a plan to retrain workers who lose jobs because of increased competition?

These are just a few of the leading candidates' answers to major issues. The Web site www.youngamericanvoters.com, launched by a Williamsville South graduate, posts the candidates' statements on 34 topics. It also includes the answers of nine other candidates who have not dropped out of the race.

The 20-year-old University at Buffalo student said he wants Americans to be educated when they vote for a president this time around. To us, the Web site is quite impressive, the result of months of work and research by three young voters. It's easy to use as well.

Too often you hear people discuss who they want for the next president, only to learn there isn't a lot of foundation to their reasoning. History has even shown that "good looking" politicians win for that reason alone or for how well they speak - not if they can turn around a recession or if they have a solid plan for alternative energy sources.

The truth is, there is no reason a voter shouldn't be ready when voting in the Feb. 5 primary or the Nov. 4 election. The information is available to you.

We were also recently informed about the Web site http://www.vote-smart.org, through a local ambassador, as she is called. Project Vote Smart, is a nonpartisan voter-education system, based in Montana. The volunteer said her only goal is to have people educate themselves before going to the polls, and to mobilize people to go to the polls.

The Web site asks, "Worried about your Future? War... Economy... Health Care... Education... Environment... You Should Be!"

Just this week, stocks around the world fell, with reporters saying it is in direct relation to issues in the United States, and right in our own pockets you are losing more money every few months to rising gas prices.

This country needs the best person to work on some very serious concerns. This isn't about who looks best or who had a heartfelt speech or who can zing the other candidates. This is about changing lives - yours and your family's. Visit these Web sites, and be ready when you step into those polling places.

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