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2010-05-12 / Police Blotter

Wind knocks down portable toilets

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Monday, May 3

• An East Summerset Lane resident reported youths ringing his doorbell. Police checked the area and found no one near the home.

• A North Sweetwood Drive resident reported that youths had moved his garbage, as well as other residents’ garbage, onto his front lawn.

• Police responded to a complaint of a mother goose with three baby geese on the Niagara Falls Boulevard exit from the I-290.

Tuesday, May 4

• Police responded to a noise complaint on Maple Road where 15 college-aged people were playing an alcohol drinking game at a residence. All were advised to leave.

• An Amherston Drive resident reported that a contractor stopped working on an addition to his house after he was paid. The resident also alleged that the contractor stole his house and garage keys.

• Police responded to a trapped duckling near a sewer gate on Chestnut Ridge Road. The duckling was rescued and taken to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals headquarters.

Wednesday, May 5

• A Glenhaven Drive resident complained of two large pit bulls running loose in the area.

• A Maple Road resident reported finding nails in his tires twice in the last month.

• A Millersport Highway resident reported $3,000 in missing jewelry from his home.

Thursday, May 6

• An American Campus Drive resident reported loud music coming from a party in an apartment. The partyers were advised by police to quiet down.

• Police responded to a complaint of graffiti in a bathroom on North Forest Road. They took pictures, but there are no suspects.

• Officers responded to the complaint of a rabid skunk in the backyard of a residence on Forest Glen Drive. They were unable to assist and advised the resident to contact animal control.

Friday, May 7

• A Kaymar Drive resident complained of loud music and talking at a bonfire party near his residence.

• A MacArthur Drive resident complained that because several garage sales were going on, cars were parked on both sides of the street and were causing traffic problems. Police responded and discovered that all of the vehicles were legally parked.

• A Fifth Avenue resident reported youths playing street hockey were refusing to move their equipment for passing cars. The resident said it has been an ongoing problem and he was afraid the teenagers would be injured.

Saturday, May 8

• Police responded to an incident at a business on Main Street where a male stole four bottles of soda. The employee said she knew the suspect and where he lived.

• An Eggert Road resident reported that $2,290 in cash was stolen from her purse while it was in her car. The woman said she didn't know if she had locked the vehicle. Smaller change and a digital camera were not stolen.

Sunday, May 9

• Police received a complaint that portable toilets had been knocked over on North French Road, possibly due to the high winds.

• A Saber Lane resident reported golf clubs stolen from his unlocked car overnight.

• A Layton Avenue resident reported that his neighbor started swearing at him after she told him to pick up after his dog. Upon police arrival, officers separated the parties.

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