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2011-09-14 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Lost and unbilled water in the
village piping system continues unabated at a clip of nearly 23 percent
of what is being purchased from the
Erie County Water Authority. The 2010
water quality report shows 50,580,000
gallons of unaccounted for water in
one year. The village needs to move
ahead with consolidation efforts.
(Editor’s note: Village personnel replaced three backflow preventers in December 2010, and
they believe that this has resolved
the water loss problem.)
.To the parents of two teenage
boys in the Donna Lea neighborhood,
do you know where your boys were on
Saturday, Sept. 3, at 4 a.m.? Well, I
witnessed them ransacking cars in the
neighborhood. Thanks to the rapid
response of the Amherst Police, they
were forced to leave behind some of
their loot and almost got caught. They
may not be so lucky next time. If
anyone knows who these boys are,

please call the Amherst Police.

.It’s time for the town or Waste Management to remind residents if there is a
major holiday on a Monday, such as Labor Day, the trash pickup shifts by a day.
.What constitutes an eyesore?
How about the blue tarp covering the
replacement stone for the stone arch
at the entrance to Roycroft Boulevard
at Main Street? It has been there all
winter and all summer.
.My village water and sewer service
is costing too much. The village purchases water from Erie County Water
Authority at $2.20 per 1,000 gallons and
then charges us $4.87 per 1,000 gallons. Why are they charging residents
much more than it costs to purchase?
.Why are there no sidewalks on
Casey Road for students who attend
North and Casey? I just saw children
climbing out of the ditch back up onto
the road to try to get home walking
from school.
.Can someone please investigate

a loud banging noise that occurs
almost daily throughout the day in the
New Road/Smith area? It rattles the
windows and sounds like a bomb is
going off. We would appreciate it.
.I want to thank Robert Anderson
for his vision for having the new recycling program.
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