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2011-09-14 / Letters to the Editor

Voting information was incorrect

Last week, a front page story in The Amherst Bee, about the Sept. 13 primary stated that I was running against Deputy Supervisor Guy Marlette for the Republican line.

That statement is incorrect, I feel it is extremely important that the voters of Amherst understand that both Mr. Marlette and I have been endorsed by the Republican Party to run for the two council member seats in the upcoming Nov. 8 general election.

I am honored to have the support of the Republican Party and Mr. Marlette, as he has done an outstanding job serving our community on the Town Board. With my more than 30 years of financial experience, I hope to continue the efforts to reduce the cost of government and bring the savings to the taxpayers of Amherst.

I want to thank the people of the town of Amherst for the support you have given me in the past and your further support in the future.

Richard A. Wojtowicz
Presidio Place

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