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2011-09-14 / Police Blotter

Stolen garbage tote leads to ‘trashy’ dispute

Monday, Sept. 5

 A resident of Bauman Road reported returning home to find the living room window broken. Officers responded and discovered the window was shattered after a bird flew into the glass.

 On Maple Road, a resident reported that a female residing in the upstairs apartment was making too much noise. Police arrived and spoke with the female, who told officers she “can’t help it,” that the floors make noise when she walks around the apartment. Police advised the woman to try to keep the noise level at a minimum and asked the complainant to offer a little more leeway with noises that occur.

 A resident of Cadman Drive reported that a young neighbor was igniting fireworks in the area. Police arrived at the scene and found the area quiet.

Tuesday, Sept. 6

 An adult female was arrested for reportedly stealing items from a Transit Road department store.

 Police responded to a Main Street business where an employee reported that a customer was refusing to leave the premises until she received a refund because a phone she purchased was “useless.” Police advised the customer that the matter should be resolved in civil court and requested she leave the business.

 Employees at a Main Street business reported that a 30-year-old male was attempting to steal a case of beer. Upon the arrival of police, the matter was being resolved as the man was paying for the beer.

Wednesday, Sept. 7

 At a Niagara Falls Boulevard grocery store, a customer reported that a camera was stolen from her vehicle while it was parked in the lot.

 An employee of a Wehrle Drive business reported that three hammer drills and a laser guide were stolen overnight from a truck parked in the lot. The employee said the truck’s tool box was not securely locked at the time of the incident.

 A resident of Chestnut Ridge Road reported that person was disrupting the neighborhood by listening to music at too high of a volume while his vehicle was parked in a nearby lot. Police arrived at the location but found the area quiet.

Thursday, Sept. 8

 A resident of Post Road reported that the rear window of her home was shattered overnight by an unknown person. She told officers that no items inside the home were missing and she was unsure how the window may have broken.

 On Peppertree Drive, a resident reported that employees of a tree removal service company damaged her vehicle.

 Police responded to North Forest Road where a resident reported that his neighbor stole a blue garbage tote. The neighbor reportedly scratched the complainant’s name off the tote, which led to a dispute. Officers advised the complainant to call the town Refuse Department to request the tote’s serial number to determine the rightful owner.

Friday, Sept. 9

 A resident of Robin Road reported that a neighbor was listening to music at too high of a volume. Upon police arriving at the scene, the resident said the music’s volume was decreased. However, after officers left the area, the person once again turned up the volume. Police returned and advised the neighbor to keep the volume at a minimum level for the rest of the evening.

 A resident of Sunmist Square reported that a group of youths was “making a lot of noise” in the nearby woods. Police responded, but the group fled the area prior to their arrival.

 At a Niagara Falls Boulevard department store, a 22-year-old female was arrested for attempting to steal items from the business.

Saturday, Sept. 10

 An employee of a Main Street business reported that a group of teenagers was in the parking lot “yelling and swearing” at each other. The group fled the location prior to the arrival of police.

 On Country Parkway, a resident reported that his blue bicycle was stolen overnight.

 Approximately four teenagers were reportedly jumping on vehicles in a parking lot near North French Road.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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