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2011-11-30 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Does Williamsville need another hotel? Aren’t there sufficient hotel rooms at the airport, in downtown Buffalo and at the UB North Campus to service all the visitors to our area? Don’t these visitors want to be near conference centers, sports arenas and theatres found in a large city, such as Buffalo, not in a small, historic village? What advantages do developers receive for making marketing decisions that don’t make business sense but only add to the development for development sake mentality of this area?

.Regarding public sector workers, we have not received a pay raise in five years in the Town of Amherst, and we wouldn’t need comp time if they would hire enough people to do the jobs. Also, we do not receive free health care; we pay 10-15 percent of our health care.

.Kudos to the highway department workers who did a tremendous job of clearing streets of leaves in the Getzville area. But it never fails, when they finish, there are those who decide it’s time to do their leaves, and the few people think this year’s leaves will look great on their lawns come spring.

.The developer’s leasing sign at the Main and Garrison intersection is thrilled that 43,799 cars per day move through that corridor and contribute tremendously to the village traffic nightmare. Apparently, the new administration doesn’t feel that is a sufficient vehicle count to sustain the business sector and is determined to build more and make a bad situation even worse.

.I thought Satish Mohan was no longer in office. As a longtime town employee, how very kind and generous of the town board to try to get rid of us once again. We have 10 days to decide if it goes through, and you must be done by Dec. 31. How arrogant can you people be?

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