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2011-11-30 / Police Blotter

Pumpkin smashing creates neighborhood problem

Monday, Nov. 21

 Two wheels were reportedly stolen during the night from a vehicle parked in the lot of a vehicle repair shop on North French Road.

 An adult female was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Niagara Falls Boulevard department store. Security personnel at the business apprehended the woman. She was transported by officers to police headquarters for processing.

 A resident of Brantwood Road reported that pumpkins on his porch were smashed overnight by an unknown person. He told officers there have been other instances of pumpkin smashing in his neighborhood, and it is an ongoing problem.

Tuesday, Nov. 22

 An unknown person reportedly spray-painted graffiti on the sign in front of a Sweet Home Road business. An employee was unsure when the vandalism occurred.

 Police responded to a Niagara Falls Boulevard business where a juvenile female and adult woman were apprehended by store personnel, allegedly for shoplifting. The juvenile was remanded to the custody of her parents, who arrived to take her home. The adult woman was charged with shoplifting and transported to police headquarters.

 Police responded to a Transit Road business where store security personnel were reportedly arguing with a customer in the parking lot. Officers assisted in sorting out the situation and requested the customer leave the premises.

Wednesday, Nov. 23

 A customer of a Niagara Falls Boulevard business reported that a man in a wheelchair was “approaching elderly people and asking them for money.” The customer told officers the man was wearing a knit hat and black jacket. He fled the scene prior to police arrival.

 A juvenile female was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Main Street business.

 A resident of Allenhurst Road reported hearing fireworks being ignited from outside a nearby residence. Police responded to the area, but it was quiet upon their arrival.

Thursday, Nov. 24

 A resident of Roycroft Boulevard reported that the tires of his vehicle were slashed by an unknown person overnight.

 A resident of Harding Road reported that her boyfriend stole her purse and then fled her home. Police responded to the scene but were unable to locate the man. The woman told officers the man may have gone to her friend’s home. When officers arrived, the friend denied knowing the man and his whereabouts.

 The owner of a Sheridan Drive restaurant reported that a refrigerator kept outside the business was struck by a truck two days earlier. The owner told officers the driver of the vehicle did not report the incident and fled the scene. The business’s outdoor security camera captured footage of the incident.

Friday, Nov. 25

 The owner of a minivan parked in the lot of a Transit Road restaurant reported that an unknown person stole items that were inside the vehicle. The items included a purse, laptop computer, cellphone, GPS and a couple of pairs of shoes.

 An employee of a Main Street pharmacy reported that a man and woman forged signatures for prescriptions that were dropped off four days earlier.

 A customer of a Niagara Falls Boulevard business reported that a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt was carrying a sign soliciting patrons for money. Police arrived at the scene and advised the man to leave the premises immediately.

Saturday, Nov. 26

 A customer of a Maple Road restaurant reported that an unknown person “keyed” both sides of his vehicle while it was parked in the lot.

 On Maynard Drive, a resident reported that four youths were “throwing bicycles around in the street.” Police responded to the location, but the youths fled the scene after the resident approached them to find out what they were doing.

 A resident of Wellingwood Drive reported that an unknown person put a firework in his lawn and ignited it while it was aimed at his home.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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