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2012-05-23 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Why don’t the Amherst Police do something to curtail those miscreants who make illegal left turns onto Maple Road from Hopkins Road and from North Forest Road, that turn the intersections into nightmares with their illegal actions?

.Regarding the motor cross racing on Snowberry and New Road, not only is the roar of motorcycle engines enjoyable on a nice summer evening, don’t forget about the dump trucks that add to the noise and ambiance.

.Dr. Weinstein is selling this town out from underneath everyone; he got rid of the museum and now the recycle center, and he’s downsizing all the departments. He’s supposedly saving us all this money but, in the meantime, the highway superintendent could use the help and money he’s saving to rebuild and repave the roads in this town, which are absolutely terrible.

.In some eastern sections of New York State, there has been a rash of premeditated crashing of cars into unsuspecting and innocent drivers called staged events, the purpose of which is to collect damages from insurance companies. Here in Western New York, we don’t need to stage crashes, it comes naturally; it’s in the DNA of too many Amherst drivers.

.I find it interesting that some people continuously criticize Trustee Geary, but at village events he’s the only one who is working. He was at Arbor/Earth Day, he’s worked at the parks, and he attended Tree Day. Seems like he’s the only one working; maybe that’s why they’re criticizing him because he’s making them look bad.

.I want to thank Trustee Brian Geary for all the hard work he’s done, for the wonderful street trees we have and for the beautiful condition of our parks. No matter what the dark side says, you’re doing a great job; keep doing it. You’re our man.

.The solar panels at UB cost $7 million, not $7 billion. Not sure where you got your information.

.The village is to be commended for compliance to transition from microfilm to digital storage. However, too many calls need to be continually placed to this column to prompt the village to upload the minutes from its various committees and boards onto the website. New York should deny all grant funding until the village takes seriously the need to make timely web postings.

.I’m looking at the picture of the Amherst High School Baseball player on the cover of this week’s Bee, and I’d like to send out accolades to the Amherst High School Baseball coach for dressing his players appropriately in stirrups and not the baggy, long pajama bottoms we see major league players wearing today.

.I played Audubon Golf Course this past Tuesday and want to complain about the condition of the course after they put all that money into it. Fairways were still not mowed, sand traps were unkept (they had unplayable signs in them), the rough was 6 or 8 inches long (no one had cut it), the greens were longer than most good fairways on regular golf courses. Come on, town, get to the course and take care of it, please.

.We live on Creek Road in Williamsville, and we cannot thank Dan DeLano enough for everything he has done since he has moved to the Village of Williamsville. He’s an amazing human being and has done so much for us, and we want to thank him for everything.

.The Williamsville Central School District early retirement incentive was well received, with 51 teachers accepting the program. I think a similar enticement should be offered to the Amherst Police. With $246,628 spent on new patrol cars, we need the remaining officers on the streets, not at a desk or at a chalkboard. The Citizen Police Academy, Youth Academy, Youth Court and safety education programs should be terminated. The D.A.R.E. program should be available online only.

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