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2012-05-23 / Police Blotter

Resident reports email sending fraudulent spam

Monday, May 14

• Police responded to a Harlem Road convenience store where an employee reported that a person stole batteries and hygiene products. The employee told police the crime was recorded via the store’s surveillance video.

• A resident of North Rockingham Way reported that his email account was hacked by an unknown person overnight. The resident told police a fraudulent spam message was sent out from the account to his contacts.

• On Harwood Drive, a resident reported that his dog was lost after it ran away in the morning. The resident later canceled the report after a neighbor located the canine.

Tuesday, May 15

• On Sundridge Drive, a resident reported that approximately 20 to 25 youths were refusing to move for passing traffic while playing in the street.

• A resident of Sheridan Drive reported that a contractor stole a table saw and building materials from the home. The resident told officers the materials were valued at approximately $900.

• Police responded to Travers Boulevard where approximately 20 people were yelling and swearing at each other. Officers discovered teenagers in the group were having a verbal argument while parents attempted to intervene.

Wednesday, May 16

• On Wisteria Avenue, a resident reported that his garage door and vehicle were “keyed” overnight by an unknown person.

• Police responded to a Sweet Home Road business where a male customer reportedly broke a window.

• A motorist reported that three youths were throwing balls into the street from a front yard on Eggert Road. The motorist told officers she was concerned for the safety of the children and other drivers. Police responded to the area, but they were unable to locate the youths.

Thursday, May 17

• On Getzville Road, a resident reported that his fence was being damaged by a neighbor throwing a lacrosse ball around the yard.

• Two juvenile females reportedly attempted to shoplift from a Niagara Falls Boulevard department store. The store manager did not want the teenagers arrested. The girls were transported home by police.

• On Capen Boulevard, a resident reported that the window of his truck was smashed by an unknown person. The resident told police no one entered the vehicle and no items were missing.

Friday, May 18

• A resident of Windermere Boulevard reported that medication was missing from her house. She said there were no signs of forced entry.

• An adult male was charged with shoplifting from a Sheridan Drive department store.

• A resident of Hidden Ridge reported that a bicycle has been lying on his lawn since the previous afternoon.

Saturday, May 19

• Two teenagers were reportedly jumping off the bridge near the upper portion of Glen Falls close to Main Street. Officers arrived at the park and were unable to locate the youths.

• Police responded to a Main Street grocery store where a male reportedly attempted to shoplift. Store personnel apprehended the the man, and he was transported by officers to police headquarters for arrest processing.

• A manager of a Commerce Drive business reported that an employee who was fired “had a fit and threw a computer to the ground, damaging the unit.”

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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