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2014-04-09 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Why doesn’t the Amherst IDA monitor the companies to which it gives money? The IDA should care if investment and/or employment targets are reached. Millions of taxpayer dollars are spent. Are we getting our money’s worth?

.There is no doubt in my mind, with an 8 percent increase in school aid, that the Williamsville School District does not need to increase our school taxes by 2.61 percent. Also, with this huge increase, we veterans should get the veterans’ school tax exemption. If we do not get it, it’s time to storm the voting area and inject a defeat to the school budget.

.Why were five beautiful Silver Maple trees cut down on School Street in the village? These trees provided shade and added to the beauty of the neighborhood. Sidewalks could certainly have been placed around these trees. The village administration made a very poor decision when it came to destroying the trees and surrounding neighborhood. Shame on them.

.Why is it so difficult to get a response from our Amherst school superintendent after numerous attempts by many parents? We have been asking for clarification on why the district decided not to allow our kids to read or study when they finish exams each day of the nine hours total of state tests. Even the New York State Education Department, who created the tests, suggests kids can read when finished, as that is a local district decision.

.Sit and stare? Too bad. When I went to school, we didn’t have the option of whether to take an exam or not. I would think, as a responsible parent, they wouldn’t question why these tests are given to students. They are there for the children’s good. Come on, parents; start parenting. Let the teachers teach, and you start parenting.

.I buy my lottery tickets by mail. It’s starting to bother me that every time someone wins, they always bought the ticket at a gas station or store. Has anyone ever won when buying by mail?

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