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2014-04-09 / Police Blotter

Man reportedly steals $100 worth of candy

Monday, March 31

• A man at a Main Street restaurant was reportedly talking about the Second Amendment and told one patron that he had a concealed weapon. The restaurant staff told him to leave.

• A Robinhill Drive woman claimed that someone copied a Facebook photo of her and placed it on Craigslist with her phone number. She told police she was receiving nonstop phone calls and text messages.

• A Boca Place man said his neighbor kept banging on the wall whenever his toddler was making noise. The neighbor told police that he hit the wall to make the man aware of the problem.

Tuesday, April 1

• A woman on Dogwood Road reported that a half-sized stop sign had been attached to a tree out front near her yard. She said she was concerned that someone would actually obey it and get rear-ended.

• A Travers Boulevard woman reported that her roommate poured water onto the cable box before leaving. She said she was worried it might cause a fire. Officers advised the woman to unplug all affected electronics.

• An office manager at a Charter Oaks Drive business reported two cars that were parked in front of the building. She said the owners kept switching the license plates around.

Wednesday, April 2

• A woman at a Maple Road restaurant was reportedly yelling at the staff. When she was asked to stop, the woman allegedly began complaining about a refund for her milkshake. She was asked to leave and was advised that she would be arrested for trespassing if she returned.

• A man went to exchange a game system at a Main Street business, and he reported that the clerk became very rude. He stated that the clerk told him he was disrupting people in the store.

• A man at a Main Street business reported two men who were taking items out of their car, breaking them and using the Dumpster. The men were owners of a cleaning business getting rid of trash.

Thursday, April 3

• An Alberta Drive man told police he thought he was being stalked. He said while he was in the grocery store, someone flipped up his windshield wipers.

• A man on Sheridan Drive told police there was a man who appeared to be trying to open the front of an ATM machine.

• The manager at a Sheridan Drive gym reported that an employee who had recently been fired was caught teaching a class. She was asked to leave.

Friday, April 4

• An Arcadian Drive resident reported a group of youths running through the neighborhood’s landscaping and ringing people’s doorbells.

• A Springville Avenue man complained about numerous bags of dirty diapers on the street. He said he thought nonresidents were purposely driving down the street and throwing trash in the area.

• An employee at a North French Road convenience store said a male customer took a can of beer and a hot dog and left on foot.

Saturday, April 5

• A man at a Lawrence Bell Drive business told police that a man was in the back parking lot. He claimed that the man kept getting out of his vehicle and looking toward the airport. He said the man either had binoculars or a camera.

• An employee at a Maple Road store said a man stole about $100 worth of candy. The merchandise was recovered, but the man was gone when police arrived.

• A Charlesgate Circle resident reported a group of youths who were reportedly placing traffic cones in various driveways. The youths were advised and placed the cones back to their original location.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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