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2014-06-25 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.With the Town of Amherst expanding its court facilities, this would be a good time to abolish village court. Village court expenses exceed the revenue and funds from traffic violations, parking tickets and other noncriminal matters.

.Since the Amherst School District seems to have an issue with being fully transparent, I’m glad to see that parents have created their own website to share news with other residents. I enjoy watching the recorded school board meetings they post on YouTube and reading the articles they share. Residents have been asking for this, and I guess sometimes grassroots efforts led by volunteers is what it takes to make it happen.

.So many roads in Amherst are in terrible condition. It is especially irritating that the Town of Amherst often repairs one pothole but not the ones adjacent to it. Or, they repair a small pothole but do not fix the larger potholes on the same street. In this very high property tax district, this state of affairs is totally unacceptable.

.Filling potholes in Amherst is being poorly done, some holes are not filled to the top, and some holes are skipped in the same area, with the edges of holes not being tacked prior to filling. Even worse was the work done on Ranch Trail, where large areas were filled above the adjacent surface, meaning the snowplow blades will rip it up again. In the 50s block on Ranch Trail, they skipped a large area right next to one they filled. The supervision is lacking.

.Why was Bishop Timon not mentioned in your All Bee’s Boys’ Lacrosse players? They are the state champions and not one of their boys was mentioned. I also feel they were a little disrespected with your hockey team; they had the highest scorer in the entire state on their team and you didn’t mention their hockey team either. I think it’s appalling that these state champs were not mentioned at all on your All Boys’ team. (Editor’s note: The Bee does not cover this school’s athletic or academic programs because it is in South Buffalo, outside of our circulation area.)

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