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2015-02-11 / Police Blotter

Nineteen ducks cause nuisance at grocery store

Monday, Feb. 2

A resident of South Union Road believed he was being spied on by unknown people. The resident told police a person from the cable company recently installed devices to possibly spy on him.

• An employee of an Alberta Drive business reported that her cellphone was stolen while it was on a counter.

• On Brittany Drive, a resident reported that snow was being plowed onto his property by a neighbor’s contractor. He said the contractor always plows the snow onto his lawn and it was becoming an ongoing problem.

Tuesday, Feb. 3

• An employee of a Wehrle Drive business reported that her vehicle’s rear windshield was completely broken. The woman said the damage must have occurred while she was working.

• On Eggert Road, a resident reported that a neighbor’s diesel truck was idling and it was causing “noxious fumes to enter the house.” Police responded and advised the neighbor of the complaint. Officers advised both parties to try to work together.

• A woman was arrested for allegedly shoplifting at a Transit Road department store.

Wednesday, Feb. 4

• Police responded to Springville Avenue where a resident reported that a snowblower was on fire in his driveway. The fire was out prior to arrival of police. No further damages or injuries were reported.

• A patron of a Main Street business reported that a man was pleasuring himself while inside his vehicle, which was parked in the store’s lot. The woman who reported the incident said she was unable to determine the man’s age. The man had fled the scene prior to police arrival.

• An employee of a Corporate Parkway business reported that a woman was refusing to leave the premises. After learning that the employee called police, the woman left the business.

Thursday, Feb. 5

• A juvenile female was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Maple Road grocery store. She was apprehended by store security and transported to police headquarters for arrest processing.

• Police responded to Millersport Highway where a vehicle was reportedly stuck in a ditch. The officer waited with the driver until AAA representatives arrived to tow the vehicle from the ditch.

• A resident of Hopkins Road reported that a street sign was missing from an intersection.

Friday, Feb. 6

• A motorist reported that youths were pushing each other in a shopping cart on Maple Road. Police responded and located the youths. Officers advised the teens of the report and observed the youths as they returned the cart to a nearby grocery store.

• A man was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Niagara Falls Boulevard grocery store. He was apprehended by store security.

• A resident of Jeffrey Drive reported that items from his vehicle may have been stolen by a newspaper delivery person.

Saturday, Feb. 7

• A man was reportedly exposing himself to people passing by as he was in the parking lot of a Niagara Falls Boulevard business. Police responded and arrested the man for the indecent exposure.

• A motorist reported that approximately 19 ducks were in the parking lot of a Main Street grocery store. According to the motorist, the ducks were “just walking around” in between the vehicles and being a nuisance.

• A resident of Maple Road reported that an unknown plow truck driver damaged his property. The resident said the damage occurred overnight.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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