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2015-08-05 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.They did a nice job paving Audubon Parkway, but I wish they would cut the grass that is between Dodge Road and the ramp off the 990. It’s very difficult to see if there is a vehicle coming when trying to make a right on red. I would hate to see someone get hurt. A lot of us seniors travel that way to the Senior Center.

.Wetlands by definition control flooding. We need to preserve these natural resources on the Westwood property and not destroy them through development.

.The vacant property at the corner of Main and Hirschfield is becoming an eyesore. It’s unfortunate to have an empty, weed-filled plaza at the entrance to the village.

.To the village resident who called Bee Heard about respecting the village, I believe Route 5 Main Street is still a state highway, and my tax dollars pay to maintain it. It’s nice of you to let us come there to spend our money but not cut through. Please don’t cut though my town to get to your precious village. Or better yet, dissolve the village and incorporate it in the town, as it should be.

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