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2016-08-24 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Amherst and nearby towns were inconvenienced by the Erie County Water Authority’s 36-inch water main failure. Vehicle crashes in Amherst cause numerous delays on a daily basis and people are being injured, but there is no outrage over the countless hours of delays these crashes cause every day on area roads.

.The 30 mph speed limit in the 85th percentile speed on Brompton Road was discussed at the Amherst Traffic Safety Board meeting on Aug. 3. The 30-mph speed limit sign is not the problem; it is the drivers who speed. If the 30 mph on Brompton Road is raised to 35 mph, those same drivers will now do 40 or whatever they can get away with. Traffic signs, pavement markings and traffic lights mean nothing to too many drivers. The board devoted 3 hours, 44 minutes and 12 seconds of its time to the same speeding problems which residents complain about month after month. Next week, the solution.

.The edges of the road on Sheridan Drive are filled with weeds. There are weeds in the medians on roads. There are weeds in the Harlem/Kensington roundabouts. The weeds are terrible in this town. Where are town workers?

.Kudos to the other person who called last week about the illegal turns in and out of the post office on Sheridan Drive. I thought I was the only one who noticed on a daily basis as I go to the post office every day. It’s a shame the Amherst Police Department doesn’t take notice.

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