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2016-08-24 / Police Blotter

Neighbors dispute smell of motorcycle exhaust

Friday, Aug. 12

• A resident of an apartment complex on Glenhaven Drive called to report a group of youths in a tree making too much noise for him to sleep.

• A motorist driving down Grover Cleveland Highway suspected she was being followed by a rusty truck.

• Police were called to mediate a dispute between neighbors on Robin Road. One neighbor was reported to be screaming at the other about the smell of his motorcycle exhaust.

Saturday, Aug. 13

• A resident of Princeton Avenue reported a suspicious man who approached him, was very sweaty and asked to borrow his phone. When the complainant refused, the man took off running.

• Multiple calls were received about a group of youths in Garrison Park who were being loud and knocking over garbage cans. Ultimately it was determined they were “just being kids,” and they cleaned up after themselves.

• An employee of a North Bailey Avenue appliance store called to report a man walking in front of the store pushing a Wal-Mart shopping cart with a new TV in a box.

Sunday, Aug. 14

• At least six cars were reported to be stopped in the roadway near Sherbrooke Road with youths milling about. It was suspected to be a rare Pikachu location.

• A resident of Carmen Road reported an elderly man with a beer belly riding his bike down the street and looking around driveways on the street.

• What appeared to be scratch marks from chalk were reportedly found on the vehicle of a resident of North French Road. The complainant suspected neighborhood kids.

Monday, Aug. 15

• Traffic on Youngs Road was reportedly obstructed by a wild turkey.

• A resident of Windsong Court called to report a possibly rabid raccoon walking around his yard. The raccoon was gone upon police arrival.

• An employee of a property adjacent to the Audubon Bike Path called to report subjects sleeping in a tent outside her place of employment.

Tuesday, Aug. 16

• A resident of Bloor Drive called to report a vehicle that is frequently parked on his street. The resident said the subject in the vehicle often pokes his head up as cars pass but tonight was slouched down.

• Approximately 20 youths were reportedly threatening to fight each other outside a residence on Fairgreen Drive.

• A man stuck in an elevator in a Sheridan Drive group home called for police assistance before he was rescued by staff in the facility.

Wednesday, Aug. 17

• A motorist on Heim Road called to report that someone had thrown an apple at his vehicle. There was no damage.

• An employee of a medical care facility on Niagara Falls Boulevard reported that a patient was upset and becoming argumentative because he had left work due to arm pain and was seeking a note from a doctor that said he did not have to return to work.

• A motorist on Transit Road reported that he was stopped by a vehicle that had multiple home theaters in the car and the occupant tried to sell him one.

Thursday, Aug. 18

• A resident of Fairgreen Drive reported a group of male youths who knocked on the window of her home and yelled “Boo!” The resident tried to chase them and was advised by police to return to her house.

• An individual was reported to be trying to sell barbecue on East Spring Street without a permit or permission.

• Two males were reported to be screaming obscenities at passersby from inside a bush on Reist Street.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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