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2016-09-28 / Local News

Town details flood insurance

The Town of Amherst participates in the regular phase of the National Flood Insurance Program, which allows federal flood insurance to be available for all buildings within the town, regardless of whether or not they are within a specialized flood hazard area.

According to a press release, properties that are within the special flood hazard area are required to purchase flood insurance, whereas properties that are not located within the area may purchase flood insurance on a voluntary basis.

The town was successful in securing a ranking of eight in the Community Rating System, which reduces flood insurance premiums by a minimum of 10 percent on every policy that was issued or renewed after Oct. 1, 1996, for properties located within the floodplain It also reduces premiums by a minimum of 5 percent for properties outside the floodplain.

The reductions result from voluntary actions undertaken by the town to exceed the minimum standards of the National Flood Insurance Program.

The release also states that as part of the Community Rating System, the Building Department provides a map determination service to anyone who requests it for any parcel of land within the town.

Requests can be made to the Building Department by telephone, verbally over the counter at the Building Department office or in writing.

The determination can include the following information: the flood zone, base flood elevation or depth if in a flood zone, a Flood Insurance Rate Map date, community number, panel number and suffix, as well as notice that flood insurance is or is not mandatory.

Written notices can be made by personal letter. The Building Department can provide a flood-proofing certificate or an elevation certificate as deemed appropriate where available.

Additional information is available by calling 631-7080 or online at www.amherst.ny.us.

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