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2016-09-28 / Police Blotter

Neighbor dispute concerns 2 inches of grass

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, Sept. 16

• A resident of Paradise Road called to report a group of youths who were possibly drinking in Paradise Park. The caller suspected they were drinking because he claimed they had previously left

A man was reported to have exposed himself to swimmers in the pool at a hotel on Sweet Home Road.

Saturday, Sept. 17

• A resident of Joe Mc- Carthy Drive called to report that a hanging basket had been stolen from the porch and someone had left a rock in its place.

Sunday, Sept. 18

• A resident of Cimarand Court was reportedly watching a movie with surround sound outdoors at a volume that could be heard several doors down. The resident was advised to turn down the volume.

• A resident of Cornell Avenue reported that a globe and a plastic pumpkin she had gotten for free and placed on her lawn were stolen. Officers attempted to identify the thief using a neighbor’s security camera.

Monday, Sept. 19

• An employee of a gas station on Maple Road called to report a plastic bag filled with a white powdery substance and suspected it was narcotics.

• A resident of Richfield Drive called to report that during a physical altercation a week prior, his thumb had been bent back and he had been given a fat lip. He wanted to press assault charges against the man who he claimed gave him the injuries.

Tuesday, Sept. 20

• A resident of Harlem Road was concerned that his neighbor was stealing and stashing bikes, since his neighbor had three bikes but only two people reportedly live there. He then decided he did not want to be associated with the report but was advised by police to continue to monitor the household and report anything suspicious.

• A resident of Dodge Road called to report billowing smoke nearby. There was no fire; instead, someone was cooking burgers on an indoor grill, and the smoke was from the owner's exhaust fan.

• A resident of a group home on Campbell Boulevard was concerned about telemarketers who kept calling her. She was advised by the police not to answer the calls.

Wednesday, Sept. 21

• A motorist on Hopkins Road was concerned about a driver whose face was painted completely white with writing all over it. The complainant said the driver was not doing anything wrong while driving, but she said, "This guy looks creepy and should be checked out."

Thursday, Sept. 22

• Neighbors on Shetland Drive engaged in an argument over 2 inches of grass each of them claimed was on their property. One neighbor moved a metal stake in order to mow her lawn. The neighbors were advised to stay off each other’s property.

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