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2017-03-01 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.For the past eight years, I always remembered that it was my job as an American, if I couldn’t support the presidents, to at least respect the office. Maybe it’s time people remember that. Our previous president had no respect for law enforcement, putting many men and women in danger unnecessarily. It’s time to give President Trump a chance, like we gave former President Obama.

.This is concerning the need for a fifth rink in Amherst. I cannot understand why. I am a hockey parent, and there is an abundance of rinks. Will a fifth rink improve our taxes or will it just improve our loss in the four rinks we have now?

.I’d like to thank my neighbor on Tonawanda Creek Road who put garbage out this morning, Tuesday, Feb. 21. That was so nice that the wind blew it all in my front yard, and this 80-plus-year-old lady had to pick all that up. Thanks so much; it’s so nice having you for a neighbor.

.Another monstrosity on Main Street in Williamsville across from the high school. How did this get passed when I’m waiting for my townhouse in Westwood to be built? Let’s get the ball rolling. I’m anxious to have that development started that is not an eyesore like the two on Main Street.

.Amherst needs the Westwood project to be completed. The brownfield in the center of town must be cleaned up so the project can move ahead. A new Westwood will benefit people who want access to new parkland as well as town residents looking for new, better housing and shopping opportunities.

.I’d like to thank the assessor’s office by raising my assessment by $7,200. That will increase my taxes by $1,000. Are these people insane?

.Where is the town planning board to approve the Westwood plan? We need this kind of innovative project to keep Amherst the premier community in Western New York.

.Regarding the Bee Heards reflecting on when our public school system was the greatest in the world is yesterday’s news. USA public schools now rank 20th out of 35 nations. The Williamsville School Board membership is populated with those who are concerned about teacher union jobs, and that’s the bottom line.

.I am one of a growing number of people who are looking around this town with alarm. How many more hotels, businesses, apartments, retail, senior facilities, medical offices, dealerships, residential cell towers, etc. are the town planners going to permit before they find the wherewithal to say “no more?” Most disturbing is the need for some to tear up greenfields to build on instead of utilizing the many abandoned, obsolete properties. The glut we are witnessing will come back to bite us all. No one moved to a suburb to live in urban sprawl.

.Mr. David Sherman, using “reliable” in the heading of your column saved it from being laughable. You also could have used “truthful,” “unbiased” and “accurate.” If I was a journalist and all of the above, I would have been offended, too. Unfortunately, your profession has been hijacked by journalists who are not hardworking and reliable but are biased and outright liars. The fear, chaos, protests and shear ugliness they are contributing to does make them enemies of Americans and enemies of democracy.

. A little sunshine is needed at the meetings of Imagine Amherst. In sparsely attended meetings, only half of the members go; they exist to redo, remake and rework townwide commercial zoning and, while it may hold its meetings in a public space and say they want robust community participation, it is just not true. Just try to attend one of their meetings and work along with the documents prepared by town staff that are withheld from the public as secret working documents.

.Dr. Barry has spent almost three decades in public service, including the Williamsville Board of Education and Erie County Legislature, and has term-limited as a town board member and soon will also term-limit as town supervisor. So what’s next for Dr. Barry? It’s been said that he now wants tor run for town board again. Dr. Barry should take a page out of the old soldiers’ manual and just fade away.

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