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2017-03-01 / Letters to the Editor

Journalism is a high calling

While in Orchard Park on Thursday to see my granddaughter, Samantha Fischer, play basketball for Orchard Park High School against Williamsville North, I read your op-ed piece, “An insult to every reliable, hard-working U.S. journalist.”

As a retired printer, I find your article spot-on in our U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment allowing freedom of the press. It is the most reliable check on government and freedom of our citizenry to express our opinions.

Journalism is such a high calling to seek out and report the facts to us. You are not the enemy, and anyone who says the media is the enemy borders on treason.

I realize that today with social media, many reckless articles are produced without any evidence that they are factual or true. But the real professional journalistic qualities of people like you is so important to tell the truth.

I believe it was Lord Byron who made this statement describing freedom of the press “Without or with offense to friends or foes I sketch your world exactly as it goes.” Keep up the great work.

Dennis Fischer
Lost Tree Lane
Spring Hill, Florida

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