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2017-12-27 / Letters to the Editor

Responsible town government needs to return

Reading a recent letter to the editor, one might think that Republican governance laid waste to the Town of Amherst instead of nurturing the town into the thriving community it is today.

Despite the Democrat talking points out there, facts are stubborn things.

As detailed in a recent profile of Barry Weinstein, Republican town boards returned responsible governing to Amherst — cutting spending while holding the line on taxes.

As soon as Democrats took majority of the board in 2015, not only did town government grind to a halt, but taxes went up right along with the salaries of the politicians in power.

I can only hope the new Town Board will return to responsible governing that protects taxpayers; but if they don’t, I’m sure the Republicans and the voters of Amherst will hold them accountable.

Brendan Stoll
Ruskin Road

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