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2018-01-17 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Like all parents in the Williamsville School District, I pay a great deal in school taxes. I pick up my children every day at a middle school in the district. The buses arrive 20 minutes or so before students are dismissed. Every day I see the same woman get off her bus and go sit on the bus of another driver. They proceed to talk the whole time, which is fine; however, when you see students coming out of the building and especially when you see students waiting at the bus door to get in, it’s time to stop gabbing and get back on your own bus. Kids are not allowed on the bus without a driver, and the doors are closed anyway. It’s just ridiculous, and it needs to be addressed.

.The proposed speed reduction bordering parks in the village and on Glen Avenue is long overdue. Go for it, mayor.

.The Bee reports that newly elected Supervisor Kulpa will hold weekly department head meetings. When he meets with the Amherst police chief, he must demand more transparency from the department starting with if charges were filed against the drivers in the June 2017 cycling death and the recent pedestrian death in the Tops parking lot.

.Amherst taxpayers, it’s time taxpayers have our say on this so-called supervisor’s aide who gets $81,000 from our tax money.

.So Brian Kulpa’s defense for making up a new position is it will benefit the community? Eighty-one thousand dollars to help him communicate with his constituents?

.I thought Brian Kulpa was a great mayor, but I’m very disappointed in his beginning as supervisor. The hiring of a high-paid chief of staff is ridiculous. We have a supervisor and a town board, including a deputy supervisor. We have well-paid department heads. We need workers, not another layer of administration.

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